Fiat Ducato diesel scandal

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It has been known since 2020 that investigations are underway into suspected engine tampering in Fiat Ducato camper base vehicles.

As more and more details incriminating Fiat become public, many owners of affected motorhomes are increasingly concerned and are taking legal action. With this lawsuit, they are demanding compensation for their motorhome affected by the Fiat Ducato diesel scandal.

However, a majority of affected motorhome owners want to wait for further developments in the Fiat Ducato emissions scandal before taking legal action against the manufacturer of Fiat Ducato motorhomes (FCA Italy S.p.A.).

Last updated: November 2022

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ECJ ruling of 21.03.2023: Fiat faces wave of damages in emissions scandal

The diesel scandal, which has also affected Fiat, has been occupying the automotive industry and consumers for a long time. Various manufacturers of diesel engines have installed so-called defeat devices in their engines. This made the vehicles appear much "cleaner" than they actually were.

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Fiat on the verge of defeat in court in Koblenz

In the reference decision of 14.11.2022, the Fifth Senate refers to two defeat devices in Fiat Ducato engines (Ref.: 5 U 1334/22; no judgment yet; as of Dec.2022). Among other things, the so-called timer, which optimizes the exhaust gas purification for the test bench.

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DUH sues Federal Motor Transport Authority in Fiat emissions scandal

The Emission Control Institute (EKI) of the German Environmental Aid (DUH) has carried out measurements on a total of nine Fiat Ducato-based motorhomes with alarming results. Vehicles from the manufacturers Weinsberg, Pilote, Knaus, Hobby, Dethleffs, Challenger and Carthago were tested.

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DUH publishes internal BOSCH documents on Fiat in emissions scandal

The Fiat Ducato emissions scandal picks up speed again. The Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH) has again made an important contribution in the clarification of the Fiat diesel scandal. In a press release dated 17.11.2022, DUH publishes internal Bosch documents which prove that some of the major car manufacturers commissioned defeat devices as early as 2006.

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Rulings in the Fiat Ducato emissions scandal

Case law has been turning against Fiat and in favor of consumers in recent months in the Fiat Wohnmobil diesel scandal. Some regional courts already decide in favor of the camper owners. These decisions are increasingly joined by the higher regional courts and have already announced consumer-friendly decisions.

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The OLG Munich expresses itself in the camper Fiat diesel scandal consumer-friendly

The events in the diesel exhaust scandal surrounding mobile homes based on the Italian car manufacturer FCA Italy S.p.A. (referred to as "Fiat") continue to come to a head. The beginning of the legal dispute between Fiat and the affected consumers is now some time ago.

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Difference between the various disconnection devices

In the course of the diesel scandal, no word has been used as often as the word "defeat device". Even though it has become part of common usage at the latest since the VW diesel scandal, there are still some ambiguities. What exactly is a defeat device? How do the devices of the individual manufacturers differ?

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DUH publishes measurement results again

Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), probably one of the loudest players in the fight against the diesel emissions scandal, once again publishes worrying measurements. Several years after the first revelations of emissions cheating in the diesel scandal, diesel vehicles on German and European roads are as dirty as ever.

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Calculate the amount of damages

Calculate the amount of damages in the Fiat Ducato diesel scandal In the absence of supreme court rulings in the Fiat camper diesel scandal, consumer compensation has not yet been conclusively clarified. The decision of the ECJ is eagerly awaited in connection with the diesel emissions scandal. Here you will find an overview of the positive case law in the Fiat