Whistleblower system

EU requirements for the whistleblower system

The new EU Directive 2019/1937, which is known as the Whistleblower Directive, had to be implemented at national level by December 17, 2021. To protect whistleblowers, an internal reporting channel for anonymous and secure whistleblowing must be guaranteed in the future (so-called whistleblower system).

Who does this obligation affect?

These affected companies will have to expand their compliance structures and set up an internal whistleblowing system. Within the company, the "most appropriate" person to receive and follow up on the whistleblowing should be determined in accordance with the EU. Whistleblower processing may also simply be outsourced.

The solution

The practical total package from RT & Partner

In cooperation with EQS Group, we offer you a practical solution for your company with a whistleblower system.

You use the EQS Integrity Line as a whistleblowing system and our legal experts take over the function of the internal reporting office for you.

The practical total package of software and law firm in one for your company.

  • Digital whistleblower system with special software solution
  • Reporting system and compliance reporting office - holistic concept through the combination of software + law firm
  • Highest security and compliance requirements guaranteed
  • Attractive transparent cost structure

This is how our service offer works for you:

This is how our complete system works for you

Highest standards

EU Directive

Compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive ensured.

Server location

Server location in Germany guaranteed.


IT security guaranteed in accordance with ISO 27001.

DSGVO compliant

DSGVO compliance guaranteed.