EU Blue Card - termination of the employment relationship

The EU Blue Card is generally linked to the employment contract. The immigration authority must therefore be informed immediately of any changes to the employment relationship. It can then suspend the intended job change for 30 days in order to examine it carefully. If the immigration authority determines that the change is permissible or does not come to a final conclusion within the 30 days, the change can take place as desired.

However, this regulation only applies to job changes that take place within the first year after the EU Blue Card has been issued. If a change is to take place after the end of the first year, the immigration authority can no longer refuse it. It is automatically valid. However, the new job should also meet the requirements for the issue of an EU Blue Card.

A termination or change of employment also entails certain obligations for employers vis-à-vis the local immigration authority.

Employers are obliged to inform the immigration authorities within four weeks of the premature termination of an employment relationship if the residence permit was issued for this employment. Violations of the notification obligation can be punished with a fine of up to 30,000 euros .

If the employment relationship is terminated, the original purpose of residence also expires, meaning that the EU Blue Card can subsequently be limited in time. However, after consultation with the immigration authorities, the residence permit can be extended for up to six months for job-seeking purposes.

From an employment law perspective, you may be able to claim severance pay from your employer. Learn more about severance pay after termination here.

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