EU Blue Card Stuttgart

The EU Blue Card - The Entry Visa and the Application Process to Obtain the EU Blue Card in Stuttgart

The requirements for obtaining an EU Blue Card in Stuttgart


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What is an EU Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card is a residence title for foreign workers with academic or comparable qualifications with a certain minimum income. The EU Blue Card facilitates the gainful employment migration of highly qualified specialists to Germany.

What is an EU Blue Card?

In order to successfully apply for an EU Blue Card in Stuttgart, certain requirements must be met. You must

An exception to this applies to IT specialists. They can also obtain an EU Blue Card without a degree if they have gained at least three years of relevant professional experience in the last seven years and have theoretical knowledge on a par with university graduates. You can read more about this exemption here.

The EU Blue Card must be applied for in person at the relevant immigration office in Stuttgart. To be able to apply for an EU Blue Card in Stuttgart, you therefore first need a national visa of category "D"(entry visa).

This does not apply to so-called "friendly states", which can enter Germany without an entry visa and then apply for the EU Blue Card at the Foreigners' Registration Office in Stuttgart. These privileged countries are

"Friendly States:

  • USA
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Israel
  • New Zealand

You can find more information on the requirements for obtaining an EU Blue Card here (as of Nov. 23).

Competent authority in Stuttgart

The EU Blue Card must always be applied for at the responsible immigration office. In Stuttgart, this is the so-called Office for Public Order, where the application must be submitted in writing and on site. It is not possible to apply online. The address of the office responsible for immigration and citizenship law is

Contact foreigners authority in Essen:

Eberhardstrasse 39, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Phone: (+49) 711 2169-1857



About Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg and, with a population of over 600,000, is one of the ten largest cities in Germany.

Applying for an EU Blue Card in Stuttgart already makes sense due to the attractive labor market. In 2020, 532,000 employed persons had their place of work in Stuttgart. Numerous large corporations and medium-sized companies with global operations have their headquarters in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart's rental prices naturally vary depending on the location and type of residential property. Generally speaking, they are comparatively high on a national average. The average rent in 2023 is around EUR 17 per square meter.

Here you will find the qualified rent index published annually by the city of Stuttgart, which can provide a more accurate insight into Stuttgart's expected rental costs.

Entry visa

The procedure for applying for an EU Blue Card in Stuttgart depends in particular on whether an entry visa is required. If such a visa is required, we would like to explicitly draw your attention to the accelerated procedure for skilled workers in accordance with § 81a AufenthG. You can find further information on the accelerated skilled worker procedure here.

If you intend to apply for an EU Blue Card in Stuttgart, we will be happy to advise and support you throughout the application process as experienced lawyers in migration law.

More information about the EU Blue Card can be found here.