EU Blue Card Leipzig

The EU Blue Card - The Entry Visa and the Application Process to Obtain the EU Blue Card in Leipzig

The requirements for obtaining an EU Blue Card in Leipzig

Requirements for the EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a residence permit specifically intended for highly qualified foreign professionals, which facilitates gainful migration to the EU.

Holders of a Blue Card may live and work throughout the EU in the respective country of issue.

Requirements for the EU Blue Card

The requirements for obtaining an EU Blue Card in Germany are basically as follows:

It is even possible for IT specialists to obtain an EU Blue Card even if they do not have a university degree. In their case, three years of relevant professional experience in the last seven years as well as theoretical knowledge at the level of a university graduate help to overcome the lack of a degree. We explain exactly what you need to bear in mind when applying this special regulation here.

The EU Blue Card must be applied for in person at the competent authority. This means that a national visa of category "D" is initially required for entry. Nationals of so-called privileged countries are exempt from this requirement (see box). They do not require an entry visa to enter Germany and can therefore simply enter Germany and apply for the EU Blue Card at the relevant immigration authority.

Privileged States:

  • United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Israel
  • South Korea

If you have any questions, please contact us! Otherwise, you can find more information on the EU Blue Card and the requirements for obtaining it here (as of Nov. 23).

Competent authority in Leipzig

The foreigners authority is responsible for issuing an EU Blue Card. In Leipzig, the responsible immigration authority is the Public Order Office. The EU Blue Card can also be applied for online on their website.

Contact: Foreigners' Registration Office in Leipzig

Technical City Hall - House B
Pragerstr. 118-136, 04317 Leipzig
Tel.: 0341 123-3310

City Leipzig

With over 620,000 inhabitants, Leipzig is the largest city in the state of Saxony and also one of the ten largest cities in the Federal Republic of Germany by population.  

Due to its attractive business location, applying for an EU Blue Card in Leipzig is an obvious choice. Due to its proximity to the German capital Berlin and as a location for start-ups, Leipzig is experiencing significant growth. Around 250 start-ups now call Leipzig their home and Leipzig is Germany's main location for smart infrastructure in particular. This digital orientation of Leipzig as a business location is also attracting international specialists.

Rents in Leipzig are roughly in line with the German average and are thus considerably lower than in Germany's major cities such as Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. At the moment, the average cold rent is around €9.00 per square meter (as of 2023). Here you can find more information about the rent index and the city of Leipzig.

Entry visa required

If you are not a citizen of one of the above-mentioned privileged countries, you will need an entry visa to enter Germany. This complicates and lengthens the process. However, there is a remedy for this in the form of the accelerated skilled worker procedure in accordance with § 81a AufenthG. You can find more information on this here.

If you need help applying for an EU Blue Card in Leipzig, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you throughout the entire process and support you with our expertise as experienced lawyers in migration law.

More information about the EU Blue Card can be found here.