The EU Blue Card - The Entry Visa and the Application Process to Obtain the EU Blue Card in Berlin

What are the requirements for obtaining an EU Blue Card in Berlin?


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There are basically two steps involved in obtaining an EU Blue Card. To enter Germany, you need an entry visa in the form of a category "D" national visa. You must then apply for the EU Blue Card in person in Berlin.

Here, the requirements for obtaining your entry visa are congruent with those for your employment in Berlin and thus with the requirements for the issuance of the EU Blue Card.

To apply for an EU Blue Card in Berlin, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The minimum salary threshold must be met;
  2. You must hold an accredited college degree;
  3. And if necessary, a professional license.

However, there is an important exception for IT specialists: they can also apply for an EU Blue Card without having a university degree. However, they must be able to prove that they have worked in IT professions for more than three years in the past seven years and that they have acquired theoretical knowledge comparable to that of university graduates. You can find out more about the exemption rules for IT specialists here.

The bureaucratic requirements in Germany make it necessary to submit the same application twice. First, to enable entry at all and then a second time to obtain the electronic residence title Blue Card EU in Berlin and thus a residence permit.

However, this dual application requirement does not apply to everyone. Citizens of some countries do not require an entry visa and can therefore apply for the EU Blue Card directly at the Foreigners' Registration Office in Berlin. These countries are: USA, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. As a citizen of one of these countries, you only have to go through one step. The same applies to foreigners who have held an EU Blue Card for at least 18 months in another EU member state.

Further information on obtaining the EU Blue Card and the requirements for an entry visa can be found here (as of November 2023).

Responsibilities for the Blue Card in Berlin

In Berlin, the Landesamt für Einwanderung (LEA), Keplerstraße 2, 10589 Berlin, is responsible for applying for the EU Blue Card. However, to collect the so-called electronic residence permit in the form of the EU Blue Card, you must still appear in person.

Without entry visa

For nationals who do not require an entry visa, it is a practical option to apply for the EU Blue Card directly at the LEA and not first at the respective diplomatic mission abroad.

If you wish to apply for the EU Blue Card without an entry visa, we advise our clients in a targeted manner in order to make the process as short and smooth as possible. In doing so, we make use of all legal possibilities for you.

With entry visa

If you require an entry visa, we will also be happy to advise you and draw your attention to the accelerated skilled worker procedure in accordance with Section 81a AufenthG. The great advantage of this procedure is that you often do not need an appointment at the German diplomatic mission abroad, but simply have to submit your documents. A decision on your application should then be made within a few weeks of submitting your documents. However, if an appointment with the German diplomatic mission abroad is necessary, the diplomatic mission is obliged to schedule an appointment within three weeks. Your application will be checked in Germany beforehand.

We also carry out the accelerated specialist procedure for our clients and will be happy to advise you on the details of the procedure.

More information about the EU Blue Card can be found here.