Which models and engines are affected by the Fiat Ducato emissions scandal?

As the German Environmental Aid (DUH) recently discovered in its own tests, there are still countless motor homes affected by the manipulation on German roads that have a Fiat Ducato as their base vehicle. More details on the DUH's measurements can be found here.

However, not every motorhome owner has the opportunity like DUH to conduct their own tests to find out whether their own vehicle or which models are part of the Fiat Ducato emissions scandal. Nonetheless, a lot of information has now been published to find out which diesel engines are affected by the Fiat Ducato diesel scandal.

The engines that are expected to be affected by the diesel scandal are in particular the following Fiat engines:

  • 1.3 Liter Multijet
  • 2.0 Liter Multijet
  • 2.3 Liter Multijet
  • 1.6 Liter Multijet
  • 2.2 liter Multijet II
  • 3.0 liters

These are engines with EU classification EURO 5 and EURO 6.

Your vehicle documents should show which engine is installed in your motorhome. Based on this, you can check whether your motorhome may be part of the diesel scandal and whether you should therefore take action.

The date of manufacture, first registration and emission class are decisive for being affected. You will find this information in your vehicle registration document (see illustration). You can use the emission code number to find out your emission standard. This allows you to identify an affected model more precisely. You can find the determination of your emission standard here

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Since countless motorhomes and thus many different motorhome manufacturers and models are affected, we have summarized a large part of the affected motorhomes in a database for you.

Which motorhome models are affected?

The affected engines are installed in motorhomes from these manufacturers:

Adria, Arca, Autostar, Autotrail, Bavaria, Benimar, Bimobil, Bocklet, Bürstner, Campereve, Caravans International, Carado, Carthago, Challenger, Chausson, Concorde, Dethleffs, Dopfer, Elnagh, Eura Mobil, Fleurette, Font Vendome, Form IT, Forster, Frankia, Globecar, Hobby, Hymer, Itineo, Joint, Kabe, Karmann, Kerkamm, Knaus, La Strada, Laika, Le Voyageur, LMC, McLouis, Mobilvetta, Morelo, Niesmann & Bischoff, Notin, Phoenix, Pilote, PLA, Pössl, Protec, Rapido, Rimor, Roller Team, Sunlight, Sunliving, Swift, Tourne, Weinsberg, Westfalia, Wingamm, Woelcke, XGO and others.

Database: Which models are affected by the Fiat Ducato diesel scandal

Adria 700 SC
Adria 700 SP
Adriatic Coral
Adria Matrix
Adria Polaris SL
Adria Polaris SPS
Adria Sonic 700 DC
Adria Sonic 700 DLT
Adria Sonic 700 SC
Adria Sonic 700 SL
Adria Sonic 700 SL Plus
Adria Sonic I 600
Adria Sonic Supreme I 810SC
Adria Sonic Supreme I 810SL
Adria Sonic Supreme I710SL
Adria Twin
Bürstner Aero Van
Bürstner BA6501
Bürstner BA6502
Bürstner BA6601
Bürstner BA6602
Bürstner BA6611
Bürstner BA7001
Bürstner BA7471
Bürstner BA7481
Bürstner BI6701
Bürstner BI6902
Bürstner BI6903
Bürstner BI6904
Bürstner BI6906
Bürstner BI7001
Bürstner BI7204
Bürstner BI7341
Bürstner BI7361
Bürstner BI7461
Bürstner BT6606
Bürstner BT6911
Campereve Magellan
Capron CV 01
Capron CV 02
Capron CV 03
Capron CV 04
Capron CVE 01
Capron CVE 02
Capron CVE 03
Capron CVE 04
Capron CVE600
Capron CVE601
Capron CVE640
Capron I449
Capron I68
Capron I69L
Capron I738
Capron T
Capron T 135
Capron T 58
Capron T 601
Capron T 69
Capron T3
Capron T449
Capron T69L
Capron T69S
Capron T738
Capron V337
Capron V339
Capron V60
Capron V66
Capron V69
Carthago Chic C-Line
Carthago Chic E-Line
Carthago Chic I 44
Carthago Chic I 47
Carthago Chic S-Plus I
Carthago C-Sport
Carthago C-TourerI
Carthago C-TourerT
Carthago Malibu
Carthago Malibu Van 600 DB
Carthago Opus 5
Chausson Best of 514
Chausson Titanium 738 XLB
Chausson Travel Line
Concorde Credo I 685H
Concorde Credo I 695H
Concorde Compact
Dethleffs A 6820-2 alpa
Dethleffs A 7870-2
Dethleffs A6820-2
Dethleffs A6820-2 alpa
Dethleffs I 7150-2
Dethleffs Globeline T6613
Dethleffs I 7820-2 al
Dethleffs I 78720-2 alpa
Dethleffs Magic Edition I 003
Dethleffs Pulse
Dethleffs Pulse I 7051 DBL
Dethleffs Pulse I 7051 EBL
Dethleffs T6813
Dethleffs T7013
Dethleffs T7043
Dethleffs T7073
Dethleffs T7150-2
Dethleffs Trend
Dethleffs Trend I 7057
Dethleffs TrendEdit. T7057 DBM
Dethleffs TrendEdit. T7057 EB
Dethleffs XL-I 7850
Dreamer 540
EDR e.G. CostomBus-EDR-2
EDR e.G. bimobil-LBX-365
Elios Matrix M
Eura Mobil Activia One
Eura Mobil Contura
Eura Mobil IntegraLine
Eura Mobil Profilia RS
Eura Mobil Profilia T
Fiat C-Sport
Fiat C-TourerI
Fiat C-TourerT
Fiat Malibu
Fiat Fleurette MAY
Fiat Fleurette MIG
Fleurette MAY
Fleurette F83LM
Fleurette F84LMG
Fleurette F84LMS
Fleurette FLE
Fleurette FLE1
Fleurette INT
Fleurette MIG
Forster A 734 VB
Frankia Compact
Frankia Holidayclass
Globecar Summit
Hobby A60 GF
Hobby A65 GM
Hobby A70 GM
Hobby K60 FT
Hobby K65 It
Hobby K65 ET
Hobby T65 FL
Hobby T70 E
Hobby T70 F
Hobby T70 FL
Hobby T70 GE
Hobby T70 GQ
Hobby V60 GF
Hymer 544
Hymer 544PL
Hymer B 504
Hymer B 514
Hymer B 525 SL
Hymer B 544
Hymer B 550
Hymer B 550 MC
Hymer B 580
Hymer B 580 MC
Hymer B 600
Hymer B 655 SL
Hymer B 660 SL
Hymer B 675 SL
Hymer B 680
Hymer B 680 MC
Hymer B 690 MC
Hymer B 880 ML
Hymer B 890 ML
Hymer BCM 660
Hymer BCM 665
Hymer BM 525
Hymer Cape Town (V220)
Hymer Car
Hymer Duo Car S
Hymer Free S 600
Hymer Grand Canyon
Hymer Grand Canyon S
Hymer Grand Canyon S 4×4
Hymer MLI 580
Hymer MLI 620
Hymer MLI 630
Hymer MLT
Hymer MLT 560
Hymer MLT 560 4×4
Hymer MLT 570
Hymer MLT 570 4×4
Hymer MLT 580
Hymer MLT 580 4×4
Hymer MLT 620
Hymer MLT 620 4×4
Hymer Yellowstone
Itineo 600
Itineo 650
Itineo 700
Itineo 740
Karmann Mobile Colorado
Karmann Mobile Colorado TI
Knaus R03
Knaus R04
Knaus R05
Knaus R11
Knaus R15
Knaus R16
Knaus R17
Knaus R18
Knaus R20
Knaus R21
Knaus R22
Knaus R41
Knaus R50
Knaus R57
Knaus R58
Knaus R59
Laika Ecovip
LMC T series
LMC other models
Mercedes-Benz Viano
Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo
Mobilvetta KEA P68
Mobilvetta M-Liner
Morelo Home 74 HX
Morelo Home 79 LX
Morelo Home 79LX
Morelo Home 83 LBX
Morelo Home 83 MX
Morelo Home 83LBX
Morelo Home 83MX
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 66 L
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 72
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 76
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 77 E
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 78 F
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 79 F
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 79 LE
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 8
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 88E
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 88 EK
Niesmann+Bischoff Arto 88 LF
Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove 6.9 E
Niesmann+Bischoff iSmove 7.3 E
Niesmann+Bischoff NB 30 7.4 B
Niesmann+Bischoff NB 30 7.4 E
Niesmann+Bischoff NB30 7.4 B
Niesmann+Bischoff NB30 7.4 E
Niesmann+Bischoff Smove 7.4 B
Niesmann+Bischoff Smove 7.4 E
Phoenix midi alcove 7100
Phoenix midi alcove 7400
Phoenix Midi-Liner 6700 RS
Phoenix Midi-Liner 8200 L
Pössl KW 20
Pössl KW 22
Pössl KW 24
Pössl KW 25
Pössl KW 34
Pössl KW 35
Pössl KW 40
Pössl KW 44
Pössl KW 45
Pössl KW 46
Pössl KW 503
Pössl Roadcar 600
Pössl Roadcar 640
Rapido S10
Rapido S11
Rapido S6
Rapido S70
Rapido S8
Rapido S80
Rapido S90
Sun Living Compact
Sun Living Lido
Sun Living V-Series
Volkswagen Ixellium Caravelle
Volkswagen California
Volkswagen California Beach
Volkswagen Crafter
Knaus/Weinsberg R07
Knaus/Weinsberg R11
Knaus/Weinsberg R19
Knaus/Weinsberg R47
Knaus/Weinsberg R48
Knaus/Weinsberg R57
Knaus/Weinsberg R58
Knaus/Weinsberg R59
Knaus/Weinsberg R62
Knaus/Weinsberg R64
Weinsberg CaraHome 700 DG
Weinsberg CaraHome 600 DGK
Weinsberg CaraLoft 700 MEH
Weinsberg CaraLoft 650 MF
Weinsberg CaraLoft 600 MF
Weinsberg CaraSuite 700 ME
Weinsberg CaraSuite 650 MF
Weinsberg CaraCompact 600 MEG
Weinsberg CaraCompact 600 MF
Weinsberg CaraTour 600 DQ
Weinsberg CaraTour 540 MQ
Weinsberg CaraBus 630 ME
Weinsberg CaraBus 600 MQ
Weinsberg CaraBus 600 ME
Weinsberg CaraBus 540 MQ
Westfalia Admundsen
Westfalia Amundsen
Westfalia Club Joker
Wastfalia Club Joker City
Westfalia Columbus
Westfalia Kepler
Westfalia Mobile Admundsen
Westfalia Mobile Columbus
Westfalia Sven Hedin
Westfalia West
Dynamic different model
Arca various model
Autostar different model
Autotrail different model
Bavaria different model
Benimar different model
Bimobil different model
Bocklet different model
Caravans international different model
Cardo different model
Challenger various model
Dopfer different model
Elnagh different model
Font Vendome different model
Form IT different model
Joint different model
Kabe different model
Comb different model
La Strada different model
Le Voyageur different model
McLouis different model
Notin different model
Pilots different model
PLA various model
Protec different model
Rimor different model
Scooter team different model
Sunlight different model
Swift various model
Wingamm different model
Woelcke different model
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