Horse Law

HORSE LAW | Definition

The term "equine law" covers all disputes that have a connection to horses. This is not a classic legal field that can be demarcated. Rather, there are links to a wide variety of legal areas such as the law of obligations (e.g. warranty disputes when buying a horse) or tort law (e.g. claims for damages after accidents with horses, up to and including veterinary liability). In addition, the drafting of contracts, such as purchase, leasing, riding, brokerage or hiring contracts, represents a large area in so-called equine law.

Thanks to our ambitious team, some of whom have been active in equestrian sports for many years, we can offer you experienced advice on all legal problems relating to horses.

Our range of services includes in particular

the consultation of

  • Horse owner, animal keeper and riding participation liability
  • Damage events in connection with horses
  • insurance aspects
  • Review and preparation of contracts
  • Review and preparation of purchase contracts
  • Purchase reversals
  • Extrajudicial / judicial enforcement of claims in the event of defects
  • Veterinary Liability
  • Farrier liability
  • Horse boarding liability
  • Drafting and review of general terms and conditions and horse employment contracts

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