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Change of law: overpaid bank fees for years!

Until now, millions of customers have often had to accept their banks' amended GTCs and pay higher fees without giving their express consent.

However, according to the current ruling of the BGH, this is no longer permissible. Not only with immediate effect, but also retroactively!

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In a ruling dated April 27, 2021, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decided that banks may not introduce or increase fees without the clear consent of the consumer. Silence or fictitious consent does not count. "The clause amounts (...) to a unilateral power of amendment (...) which is not limited in terms of content," the ruling states verbatim.

This means that bank customers have the opportunity to reclaim the improperly charged fees from their bank. This is because the BGH ruling states that almost all fee increases, at least after January 1, 2018, are invalid. Many fees, e.g. fees for originally free current accounts, can thus be claimed.

Almost all banks and savings banks are affected. However, customers must explicitly demand their right to a refund of the fees. No concession can be expected from the banks here. Instead, you have to take the initiative yourself and reclaim the overpaid fees.

Enforce reimbursement professionally!

Many standard letters are available on the net to contact the banks themselves. However, experience from the first few weeks since the BGH ruling has shown that the banks are not very impressed. It clearly makes sense to approach this with the support of a lawyer in order to achieve success in the first steps.

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