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What do I have to consider in case of an accident?

Step 1

Security &
Secure evidence

Secure the accident site, call an ambulance if necessary, secure evidence: Take photos, exchange contact/insurance details with other party involved in accident, establish contact details of witnesses, if necessary prepare own accident report.

Step 2

Call the police
and inform

Involve the police. A police accident report facilitates the clarification of the question of guilt. Please avoid erroneous spontaneous admissions of guilt.

Step 3

ascertain loss

Have the amount of damage determined by an expert, unless it is a minor loss (up to € 750.00).
The injured party must prove the damage.

Step 4

Traffic lawyer

Hire a lawyer to settle the claim for you. Because insurance companies always make reductions, which are very often not legal and difficult to recognize for laymen.

As the injured party in a traffic accident, you can have your damages reimbursed by the opposing motor vehicle liability insurance company. This also includes the costs for an expert and a lawyer as well as workshop costs.

The amount of reimbursement depends on who is at fault for the accident. If you caused the accident, the opposing insurance company is not obliged to pay compensation. If the other party was solely at fault, you must be compensated for the full amount of the damage. If you are partly to blame, the damage to be compensated will be reduced in proportion to the respective fault.

Even if you are the injured party in a traffic accident - the other party's insurance company is not your "friend", but the institution that has to pay for the damage. Insurance companies usually pursue their own interests. Injured parties therefore often do not receive the full amount of damages that they are actually entitled to within the framework of the claims settlement.

However, with the help of a lawyer, you can make the best of your situation. Competent lawyers know your rights, enforce them and save you the hassle of paperwork.

And another advantage: legal fees are to be reimbursed in full by the person responsible for the accident if he or she is solely to blame for the accident.

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