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In the 1990s and 2000s, many customers concluded premium savings contracts with savings banks that are lucrative for consumers from today's perspective. A premium savings contract is a hybrid of a savings book and a savings plan aimed at long-term asset accumulation. The main feature of such a contract is variable base interest rates, which are, however, offset by fixed, increasing premium interest rates as the term increases. There are different types of premium savings contracts with different terms.

Due to the current low interest rates, these premium savings contracts are now becoming increasingly "expensive" for the savings banks. Therefore, many savings banks are probably trying to get rid of the annoying premium savings contracts. The contracts are often cancelled. In addition, interest rates are being adjusted downwards and calculated incorrectly to the detriment of consumers.

Several hundred thousand contracts are affected nationwide.

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Cancellations of premium savings contracts by the Savings Banks often invalid

Some savings banks refer to the decision of the Federal Supreme Court of 14 May 2019 (Ref. XI ZR 345/18) in the context of their termination. However, the BGH has ruled that savings banks may only terminate long-term contracts under certain conditions. Under no circumstances is the BGH's decision a "free pass" for the savings banks. In particular, terminations with already fixed terms are invalid, as the term must be adhered to.

Incorrect interest calculation

Another starting point are the interest back payments from the savings contracts. If there is a variable base interest rate, you should take a closer look (or have someone do so). The Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has already had to deal with incorrect interest payments to the detriment of savers and has found that savers were often credited too little.

Even if you have already received or been offered back payments, you should not accept this as correct without further ado.

It depends on the individual case

Savings banks have sometimes agreed terms of 25 years or even 99 years (or 1188 months) with their savers within the framework of premium savings contracts. The conditions are not uniform for the various contracts.

A close look at the contract documents and a non-binding initial assessment by our lawyers is therefore worthwhile! As a general rule, every contract is unique and should be examined separately. In individual cases, there may be starting points that can justify sticking to the agreed contract.

Several regional and higher regional courts have already ruled in favour of consumers.

Receive interest back payment and/or continue contract!

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What are your legal options?

After our lawyers have reviewed your contract documents, we will explain your options to you in an individual initial assessment letter:

If the termination is invalid, our lawyers will first contact your savings bank. If these talks fail, we file an action before the competent court for a declaratory judgement and ensure that your contract is continued.

If we find that your interest has been calculated incorrectly, we will first request the Sparkasse out of court to pay the interest in arrears. In the event of a refusal, we will also file a lawsuit on your behalf. This time, however, for payment.

In some cases we have already been able to establish that both the termination is invalid and the interest was calculated incorrectly. In such a case, we file a lawsuit on your behalf for a declaratory judgement of invalidity and for subsequent payment of interest.

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Step 3

Get money back

This is how we proceed

First of all, we assess for you, without obligation and free of charge, whether your premium savings contract is affected and which options you can consider. Should you mandate us, we will take over all further steps for you.

This starts with the legal expenses insurance. Here we make a coverage request for you and clarify whether the legal expenses insurance will cover the costs of proceedings. The enquiry by our lawyers with your legal protection insurance is free of charge for you - even if the insurance does not cover the costs. In this rare case, you can decide how to proceed. There is no obligation whatsoever.

The next step is to assert your claims out of court. If these fail, we file a lawsuit on your behalf to assert your claims. We will attend the hearings on your behalf. We report to you before and after each step in court.

At every step of the process, you remain "up to date" and can decide for yourself how to proceed.

What do we need from you?

You are welcome to use our contact form and upload the documents or, alternatively, send the documents directly to us by post or e-mail. After reviewing the documents, we will contact you.


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