Horse law



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The term "equine law" covers all disputes that have a connection to horses. This is not a classical legal field. Rather, there are links to a wide variety of legal fields such as the law of obligations (e.g. warranty disputes when buying a horse) or tort law (e.g. claims for damages after accidents with horses, up to and including veterinary liability). The drafting of contracts, such as purchase, leasing, riding, brokerage or hiring contracts, also represents a large area in so-called equine law.

Our Graduate lawyer Anna-Katharina Gerber is herself an active, experienced competition rider and horse owner. Her sound experience stems, among other things, from many years of running her own riding stable in the family business as well as her work as an instructor and trainer in dressage sport. Together with her lawyer colleagues, she deals with legal problems relating to horses on a long-term basis. The law firm RT & Partner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH offers competent and comprehensive legal advice for all legal matters concerning equestrian sport and horse keeping, in particular:

  • Horse purchase law
  • Riding accidents and incidents involving horses
  • Contract design
    • Horse purchase contract/protection contract
    • Intermediary contract
    • Leasing contract
    • Hiring contract for horses
    • Riding contract
    • Horse riding partnership contract
  • Liability
    • Animal owner/keeper liability
    • Veterinary / farrier liability
  • Insurance
    • Horse surgery insurance
    • Equine health insurance
    • Horse owner/riding instructor liability
    • Public liability
    • Rider Accident Insurance